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Hypnosis when used within a therapeutic context can greatly enhance and support change in many areas of our lives.


Here are some of the more common areas in which I use hypnosis to support change and facilitate control back into your life.


Addiction counselling

Smoking cessation

Self esteem

Weight loss

Over eating

Phobias & fears

Anxiety disorders

Public speaking

Performance anxiety

Self Hypnosis Training



Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind and it happens to us every day. It is just like daydreaming and can occur in many different ways such as when reading a book, driving to work, eating a meal, listening to music, watching a movie and so on


I haven't met anyone yet who is incapable of utilising hypnosis to support change in their lives although the main stipulations are that they have a willingness to change in addition to a willingness to be hypnotised, In hypnosis you will be fully aware and in control of what is happening and at no point will you enter into hypnosis unless you want to do so.


As mentioned earlier it feels like daydreaming. When I first encountered hypnosis in the mid 90’s I was very sceptical as I had only seen stage shows where people played invisible instruments and ate onions. I very soon realised that these participants were only doing something they would have been willing to do if given the right situation and props - karaoke and air guitar come to mind! Since this time I have continued researching into areas that hypnosis can be applied and I have used it in many areas of employment and in my personal life.


My approach is Brief, Focused and very EFFECTIVE. For simple phobias usually no more than 1 -3 session’s are required. For more complex addiction or counselling issues I plan on a limit of 6 sessions. Your participation and desire to make effective changes in your lifestyle is paramount for any long lasting recovery, for this purpose you may be required to participate in tasks in-between sessions which are designed to reinforce your treatment plan.


In my experience most people are more comfortable and relaxed in their own surroundings and for that reason I conduct almost all of my sessions in your own home (unless this is not possible). Sometimes, when in a treatment room it is easy to be removed from the issue that is bothering you and in some cases this is all that is needed to make the right therapeutic interventions. However, at some point you will need to go back into your normal daily life and it is there that therapy commonly falls down. By using your own surroundings to focus your treatment your chances of success are considerably increased.


If your treatment requires three or more sessions I will include instruction on self-hypnosis.

*Please note this is not a training course in Hypnotherapy.  Ethically and professionally Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis have two different meanings. Effective Hypnotherapy requires an integration of many skills including years of ongoing training and experience.